Why existential coaching?

Existential coaching involves an exploration of how we are in our world. I will focus on you as an individual and accompany you on your unique journey. We will consider your goals, situation, strengths, and values, and how you relate to yourself, others, and the world. This can help to clarify your priorities and untangle what you need to do to achieve your aspirations. It is a process that creates space for change.

The coaching relationship is based on mutual trust. I will ask you to be open, curious, and patient. As a coach I will:

  • pay attention to what you say and how you say it;
  • ask questions, and reflect back what I have heard to confirm I understand where you are coming from;
  • help you identify your (potentially hidden) needs so you can gain clarity and understanding of what really drives you;
  • encourage your commitment to action and change so you can own your personal and professional evolution and growth;
  • stay open to any possibility;
  • be supportive and non-judgemental.

A collaborative and open coaching style

You can expect me to be approachable, open-minded, and flexible. I provide a warm and trusting space. As a coach I am focused and goal-oriented and will work at your pace. My strength lies in working one-to-one with individuals.

My profound understanding of people and their behaviour, augmented by therapeutic tools and thought-provoking questions, will help to raise your self-awareness and emotional intelligence. I will guide you to explore your inner world, your beliefs, values, assumptions, and expectations. Reflecting on your personal and professional life will help you to discover clarity and find meaning. I will encourage you to own your development process and challenge you to see different perspectives. This will facilitate change and assist you in creating more possibilities to realise your potential.

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself (Kierkegaard)